Our Team

We are a team of Ugandans who are passionate about wildlife and conservation. As we are all trained rangers we can ensure that your experience is imbued with a deep knowledge of the wildlife. We were all brought up in the zone between Queen Elizabeth National park and the Rwenzori Mountains this cemented our love for nature thus Joining the Ranger Force which is the origin of our experience in the field..

RonaldBorn and raised in Uganda’s Rwenzori region, Ronald is always holds clutching books about tourism. He is qualified in Hospitality and Tourism, and is a trained tour guide, having studied at the Uganda Wildlife Training Institute. He enjoys the cultural and community tours, as well as promoting eco-tourism.

Morris Masereka, has over ten years’ safari guiding experience in both Uganda and Rwanda under his belt, Morris’s passion is eco-tourism. He has received certification from the Uganda Wildlife Training Institute in primate monitoring, evaluation techniques of wild chimpanzees, wildlife resources interpretation.

Morris Musungu is an Ex-Ranger in the Murchison Falls National and qualified in Hospitality and Tourism at Crested Crane Institute of Tourism Jinja-Uganda, and is a key part of our operations team, thanks to his boundless energy and experience in the field.

Stu is a key member of the Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project and has travelled with Range Land Safaris on a number of occasions. He is Range Land Safari’s UK contact and is happy to help anyone with any enquiries. His interests are in conservation and building partnerships with other like-minded organisations.

JacobWith a deep personal passion for nature and great historical interest in East Africa, Jacob has extensive knowledge of both the wildlife of the region as well as of the people, cultures, and societies. Jacob is a Geographer and part-time lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, and he is currently doing a PhD on ecotourism.

Ryan is a graduate of Kent State University in USA having earned both his bachelors and master’s degrees in the field of tourism. Ryan as well worked as a park ranger for the national park service in the US. He has been travelling and leading groups to Uganda since 2007, as an expert east African travel.