Our Rwanda Safari tours

If you are considering a trip to Africa– there are alot of African countries which might flash in your mind – mainly one of Africa’s most stunning, cleanest and one of the most stable and smallest countries in all of Africa comes up – “Land of a Thousand Hills.”

Reasons for visiting Rwanda one of Africa’s smallest countries?
By spending time and planning to reach a small country in the heart of Africa will give you an endless list of reasons for the trip. The following areas are just few of those you must put Rwanda on your “Must visit and see check list” while on Safari in “The Land of a Thousand Hills” Close discovering the Volcanoes, Montane Forest of Nyungwe, Pristine Lakes, Most clean towns and city, The culture and history of the people alone is a very good reason to visit Rwanda, beautiful rolling hills and terraced mountain sides to crown it are the Mountain Gorillas.

Choose from tours in Rwanda

3 Days Gorilla trekking Rwanda

Gorilla trekking experience Rwanda, the mountain hiking and visiting the local community. Tour of the Kigali city and the genocide memorial…
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4 Days Gorilla tracking Experience

Our 4 day Gorilla tracking Experience trip is a short trip to Rwanda that brings the Gorillas and nature trek to the Diana Fossey…
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10 Days Uganda – Rwanda trip

The 10 days Gorilla and Chimpanzee trip in Uganda and Rwanda is an ideal to experience what the two countries offer comparing the landscape…
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3 Days Queen Elizabeth NP

Queen Elizabeth National Park with a diverse and abundance of nature and wildlife is your ideal national park to visit for a short…
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