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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, Range Land Safaris through the partnership of the Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning project and the Nature’s Frontline, organizations that are focused on Conservation, Ranger Welfare, Community empowerment, and promoting Education in schools within and around the parks in the project has given us the opportunity to carefully select needy school going students to benefit on our scheme of supporting the local community from the profits we make on the safaris handled.

Corporate Social Responsibility: So far two schools, Kafuro Primary School and Bukorwe Primary school both located on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda have a list of our students benefiting from the scheme.

We are as well appreciative that some of our clients have picked an interest in helping the children individually and this has given us hope that our work is as well appreciated by the clients.

The women in conservation groups are proud beneficiaries of our trips as we ensure that our clients are well briefed of their handcraft products which are high quality and relatively cost-effective thus buying in big numbers within their outlet craft shops.

Range Land Safaris will help and carefully direct you to the very needy school-going child when you pick the interest in the scheme, take you the very conservation group which you may opt to support are the tourist destinations and National parks visited.

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