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Birding Safaris


Birding safaris: Bird watchers will delight in the great array of bird species in Uganda’s birding spots. Uganda has different birding habitats that range from tropical to afro-montane rain forests. There are wooded and grassland savannas, mashes, papyrus swamps, arid and semi arid areas all with different resident and migratory birds species.

Birding species

Uganda records over 1090 bird species. Categories include the accidental species that are rarely or accidentally occur in Uganda.

The endemic species that are endemic to Uganda.

The introduced species introduces to Uganda as a consequence, direst or indirect, of human actions.

Highly sought after birds in Uganda  seen in June through September though in July and august are good birding months. There’s the grauer’s broadbill which nests late may. Mubwindi swamp in Bwindi impenetrable national park where it can easily be found.

For spectacular birding safaris,  December, January and February are also generally good months as they are dry and good for birdwatching as one can easily be able to see the high quality dwelling species such as small rare Ituri Batis, the constantly moving while calling Uganda’s Woodland Warbler among others, this is also one of the best times for Uganda’s only endemic species the Fox’s Weaver and good to visit the kidepo Valley National for the Stone Partridges, the spectacular huge and massive ivory billed Black-breasted Barbet, Hartlaub’s, Buff Crested and White-bellied Bustards, the very localized and endemic East African Karamoja Apalis, the visiting Grasshopper Buzzard from the northern tropics is around this time of the year together with the nomadic and gregarious Abdim’s Stork to mention but a few.

Other parks like Kidepo national park and Murchison falls national park act as northern hint for northern countries with flightless birds.

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