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Mountain Elgon National Park is situated in Eastern Uganda and covers an area of 1,270 square kilometers bisected by the border of Kenya and Uganda with the largest volcanic base in the world. It is a birding spot and consisting over 300 bird species including the endangered Lammergeyer. It is one of the oldest and largest volcanic mountains in East Africa and a home to 300 bird species and uncluttered wilderness.

Climbing Mt. Elgon is a unique experience seeing magnificent and uncluttered wilderness . Hikers get to see elephants  the black and white monkeys plus blue monkeys. The Sasa trailhead at Budadiri, Sipi trailhead at Forest Exploration center-Kapkwai and Piswa trailhead at Kapkwata.

It has a huge volcano with the largest crater of the major peaks in Africa with the caldera being one of the world’s largest.

Activities done at Mountain Elgon national park include;

  1. Bird watching

The park boasts over 300 birds including the moorland francolin, moustached green tinkerbird , alpine chat, the jackson’s francolin and black-collared Apalis, the black shouldered kite and tacazze sunbird, the lammergeyer to mention but a few.

2. Nature Walks

Nature walks in Mountain Elgon national park include the Khauka trail and bamboo trail. Along these trails are beautiful trees and  primates.

3.Cave visits

Caves in Mountain Elgon national park include Nywarisha, chepnyalil and makingeny. The visit to these caves is simply awesome.

4. Hiking

There are 3 main hikes including the sasa trailhead at Budadiri, sipi trailhead at forest exploration centre, kapkwai and piswa trail head at kapkwata


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