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Lion Predator Experience


Queen Elizabeth Predator experience Lion Research experience African lions are the largest and the majority of carnivore in Africa. Regarded as the true social cats and have particular cultural connotation in different countries of their presence. Uganda the Pearl of Africa is blessed to have a good number of Lions. Lions enjoy a repute as ‘king of the Jungle’ and are trendy cryptogram of royalty, might and heroism.
Predator experience


Lion Tracking Research in the Queen Elizabeth national park

Range Land Safaris brings you an exclusive predator experience and Lion Tracking Research in the Queen Elizabeth national park is an experience. We do not wish to leave out on your trip itinerary.

Most visitors to the park will go on a game drive and end up not seeing or seeing lions from a far this leaves a less memorable experience. This has therefore, torched us to include the experience on your trip to the Queen Elizabeth national park. Where more than 4 hours can be dedicated to seeing the King of the Jungle in the morning or evening.The experience is either in the morning or late in the afternoon. And to a few visitors who book in advance. We strongly encourage you to book or mention it to us. When tailoring your trip to the Pearl of Africa.
While on the track you will learn the behaviors of the lions. There composition, monitoring their movements. Being a scientific research, it is handled by experienced Lion researchers and doctors. Who will share in detail, much about the predators and other animals that make their life complete

Range Land Safaris recommends the activity in the Ishasha sector the southern part of the Queen Elizabeth National park. Though it can be conducted on both. This is due to the big number of lions in the Ishasha sector.
The researchers have discovered that lions in the Ishasha sector move simply between Uganda and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo when dispersing and that males mostly come to take over prides in Ishasha sector. The researchers have discovered that lions also migrate from the central sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park to Ishasha sector through the Maramagambo rain Forest.

This movement is significant to the maintenance of a workable inhabitants of the Ishasha famous tree-climbing lions and this has eventually brought an enjoyable experience making the sector the best place to carry the activity.
There is a range of accommodations choices to cater to your taste. These include Ishasha Wilderness Camp, Ishasha Jungle Lodge, River Ntungwe Camp and the Savannah Hotel

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