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White Water Rafting

Rafting in Uganda.

Uganda is blessed among the African countries. It is the home to the source of the longest river in the world, the River Nile that flows from Uganda to Egypt. This gives an opportunity of the different river adventures ranging from River Tubbing, Kayaking, Sunset River cruises and crowned by White water rafting from grade 1 to grade 5 rafting adventure. The rafts explode through huge walls of white water and drift through the warm green pools in the equatorial sunshine making it a white water rafting at its very best.

For every adventure activity there is a component of risk, otherwise it would not really be an adventure, when you raft the Nile River you are doing an adventure that you live to remember and as well that has lasted over 20 years with thousands of people giving joyous reviews.

There are trained and experienced guides with excellent safety record who are always waiting for you and take you through the rafting experience and will advise you on the different grades and what to expect during your rafting time, are you a group or individual all numbers are considered. A safety kayaker will fetch you if you do fall off the raft. They are there for your safety, because they are quicker and easier to manoeuvre than a raft.

Do you ever wonder what could be the best time of the year to go rafting?

Rafting is an all-year experience since the water flow is not affected by rains and it can be booked along with your safari for better planning. It is always recommended on your first days of the trip or on the last days of the trip to freshen up for or after the trip.

Oooh is rafting for the disable or pregnant women?

We like to help everyone experience the Nile and specialize in helping those with disabilities. If you do have a disability and would like to go rafting, please contact us and we will do our best to make it possible however, rafting is not recommended for pregnant women.

Is there Wildlife like crocodiles and hippos along the rafting section?

For over 20 years of rafting adventure, there has never been any crocodile related incidents as well no hippos other than in the game reserves like Murchison Falls.

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